“UK Robotics Revolution software is a powerful, modular and extensible automation schedule control solution for HTS drug discovery systems and other lab automation“


Unique integrated 3D simulator allows users to simulate assay execution before moving to the real hardware.

Unique feature set

Powerful scheduling features, detailed event recording, full labware tracking and intuitive error handling combine to create a first class scheduler solution.

User friendly and modern

Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to add new instruments.

Excellent support

Support with direct access to developers.

Revolution Screen Shot


  • Easy to use, easy to setup and easy to add new instruments
  • User friendly and modern configuration editor that supports schedule editing, storage device mapping, device configuration management and labware type specification
  • Integrated 3D simulator to support a rich simulation experience to aid in all aspects of design from system specification to schedule editing and user training
  • Integrated event logger shows easy to understand timeline of operations and events
  • Flexible and powerful error handling and notification to help avoid any unnecessary loss of labware
  • Fully internationalized user interface which supports dynamic changes of user interface language
  • Supports instrument classification and access via generic interfaces (as required) to support the access of similar devices via the same interface
  • Supports SiLA instruments. Revolution is a SiLA PMS
  • Supports extensible labware representation. The scheduler can handle and present data related to almost any kind of labware and allow the user to control and visualize data at different levels such as batch/plate/well (or rack/tube) etc
  • Supports integration or control from third party applications such as LIMS and high level control applications
  • Supports cherry picking
  • Supports instrument pooling and failover
  • Built in inventory management and labware tracking so you can see what is where and also what operations have been performed on each labware item
  • Powerful search feature supports searching for labware items by barcode, use of devices and operations, use of schedules and also searching of event logs
  • Accurate and secure sample data handling

Extensive list of supported instruments/robots


  • Precise Automation robot series
  • Stäubli robot series
  • Thermo RapidStak and Thermo Orbitor

Liquid Handlers and Dispensers

  • Gyger Certus dispenser
  • Labcyte Echo
  • TTPLabtech Mosquito
  • Bioraptr (including upgrade path to Windows 7/64bit)
  • Tecan range
  • Hamilton range
  • Thermo Multidrop range
  • Innovadyne Screenmaker
  • Evolution P3
  • Flexdrop
  • BioTek Washer
  • Cybio (Analytik Jena) Well Vario


  • HiResBio MicroSpin
  • Agilent/V11 VSpin

Plate Sealing/Peeling

  • Brooks XPeel
  • Agilent/V11 PlateLoc
  • Wasp Plate Sealer
  • Fusion Laser Plate Sealer


  • Thermo Cytomat range
  • HiResBio range
  • Liconic range

Plate Readers

  • TTP Mirrorball
  • Bruker RapiFlex
  • Hamamatsu FDSS 7000
  • PerkinElmer Opera and Operetta
  • BMG Pherastar and Clariostar
  • ViewLux
  • EnVision
  • Cellavista


  • Teleshaker range
  • Cedrex Tube Labeler
  • Mettler Toledo Balance
  • Microplate lid handler devices
  • Almost any bar code reader that supports automation
  • And many more... please contact for more information

Try before you buy ...

Revolution's unique 3D simulator allows you to build a 3D replica of your new or existing automation system. This is done by just dragging and dropping instruments into the simulator. You can then run Revolution and watch the real time 3D simulation of your system. This allows you to study throughput and alter your system design to eliminate bottlenecks. Please contact us for more information.

UK Robotics Revolution SiLA PMS screenshot