“Collaborative Robots and Intelligent Motion Controllers“

Collaborative Robots

Intrinsically safe tabletop collaborative robots. Robots developed from the ground up with features specifically designed for the collaborative end user.

Powerful, Compact, Low Cost Controllers

Precise Automation's low cost, multi-axis controllers with integrated motor drives are extremely compact and fit inside many robot structures, eliminating the need for extra cabinets and cables.

Fast and Easy Set Up

Robots come out of the box fully assembled. Plug them into an AC outlet and an Ethernet port and they are ready to work. No controller integration required, no harness to purchase or thread, no extra controller cabinets.

PF400 Collaborative Robot

PF400 Robot

  • The PF400 is the world's first collaborative SCARA robot
  • Available with two different Z heights and two different reach options
  • Supports mounting on a slide
  • Motion controller, harnesses and power supplies embedded within its structure to eliminate extra enclosures and simplify installation
  • Absolute encoder servo motors, which do not require any motion to home during start-up
  • The lightweight PF400 can be carried by one person, mounted on a table and, by plugging in just an AC power cord and an Ethernet cable, is ready to operate
  • A simple, yet powerful programming language
  • Ethernet interface (featuring PC control via an open source TCP/IP Command Server)

motor controller

Precise Automation Guidance Motor Controllers

  • A range of multi-axis robotic motion controllers with integrated motion control, drives, IO and network communications
  • Very compact and up to 4 axes per unit
  • Up to 32 axes of coordinated motion
  • Support for control of AC, DC and linear motors
  • Wide range of supported absolute and incremental encoder interfaces
  • The same simple, yet powerful programming language as the PF400 robot
  • Ethernet interface (featuring PC control via an open source TCP/IP Command Server)

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