UK Robotics - high quality automation


  • Automation and robotics solutions
  • Trouble shooting and support of existing automation systems


  • Revolution laboratory automation scheduler (with integrated SiLA support)
  • Bespoke automation software solutions
  • 3D simulation software to aid design and system specification
  • Upgrade/replacement of existing robotic systems and software


At UK Robotics we have a passion for excellence and a no-compromise approach to customer satisfaction.

Client: A Large Biotech Company

South San Francisco, CA, USA

High Throughput Screening

Client: A Large Pharmaceutical Company

San Diego, CA, USA

High Throughput Screening

The Sanger Institute

Cambridge, UK

Automated Zebra Fish picking

TTP Labtech

Cambridge, UK

AM Robotic Systems

Warrington, UK

F. Gyger Ag

Thun, Switzerland